The Deepwater Dive


Film productions differ in various ways. Some differences are more noticeable than others. For example on most occasions you can tell if the film was made on a shoestring budget. You don’t even have to wait for it to unfold, you can simply feel it.

In most cases the fact that a film was a low budget production is a weakness. Rarely, the director facing a reality, where he has no amazing special effects to cover mistakes, is pushed to his limits. One thing is for sure – in many films cash  takes attention away from the plot. When you cannot cover mistakes with money, the plot has to be bulletproof.

Deepwater is a 2005 neo-noir film directed and written by David S. Marfield. It is based on a novel of the same name written by Matthew F. Jones and that is  its strongest side. Everything is rough and simple. The acting is rather wooden sometimes and the main characters accent can be annoying, but generally the film is OK. Maybe some people will want to burn me for this but I can see some traces of David Lynch in it. Ironically it is the harshness and simplicity, that pulls this one out of the trash can. After all, it is hard to show true madness with just simple wooden puppets (OK. maybe I’m a being a bit too harsh here, but that is exactly how I felt watching).

As for the story,  it starts as simple as it can. Nat Banyon (Lucas Black) is hitch-hiking in search of happiness. In his case it means getting money for an ostrich farm. It starts getting interesting, doesn’t it? Well after a fistfight in the bar our ostrich tycoon steals a sports car. Just before you start thinking he is a jerk, he saves a car accident victim (Peter Coyote).

Here is where it gets better. The stranger offers a job in return. A simple renovation of an old motel is not a big deal right? A few screws here some nails in another place and a paint job. Guess again. The motel owner seems to be some kind of lunatic mobster holding  entire village hostage. People are terrorized and Police has nothing to pin on Mr Herman Finch. Our hero seems to be the only way to save the day. He will fight the bully in a boxing match. But wait… It all seems so strange… Voices… hallucinations… What is that insane mobster trying to do? Is there a reason behind it all? Check it out for yourself. Again that may not be a really mind blowing production, but it will definitely do for the weekend, with a sip of beer and friends around.

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